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Makes sense, I take it the other fresh stamps on the frame and mag are trying to imitate US markings as well?

Also looks to have been cold blued in areas or is that the lighting?

To the owner take the serial number stuff with a grain of salt, it's a soap box that people like to get on, I see that on many boards, however old military guns can, and do have weird, weird numbers, have been re-finished so many times the numbers get obliterated, or re-stamed or whatever. As long as YOU are not doing the re-stamping either to conceal the gun's ID or to defraud buyers your legal exposure is pretty minimal, no need to get out the cutting torch and go looking for dumpsters just yet. Plus I'd hazard a guess that most of the folks beating that drum would be singing another song all together if say they stumbled onto a Singer 1911 in grandma's attic with a weird (or no) serial number.

Just saying....
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