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thanks for the comments guys...

mines about 10 X 12, custom steel door opens in, ( so I can't get trapped inside ) & is designed to be fully fire proof ( it's designed to also use as a safe room, I could go inside during tornados, or a house fire, if I couldn't get out ) all poured concrete heavily reinforced... I'm actually at the point of finishing the interiour walls... next is to use spray adhesive & stick heavy plastic onto all the concrete, & then skin the walls in wood ( I'm using aluminum diamond plate on the ceiling to cover the insulation between the I beams that hold up my concrete on top... being shiney, I thing it'll look kinda cool, & reflect more light ) I have a loading bench on one wall, & 4" exhaust Fan, & 4" fresh air inlet ( actually both fans are reverseable so both could be air inlets, if I were inside during a house fire, to pressurize the room, & help keep smoke from entering, a sump pump pit ( & extra tile inside & out of my rooms footings ) & a dehumidifier, that drains into the sump pump pit under the loading bench... a corner of the room will have shelves dedicated to emergency / survival stuff... not going over board in my room, because of my limited space, & as we have more "stuff" in the pantry & garage, & I'm not "doomsday prepping" per se

my initial thoughts on interiour walls was to buy cedar ship lap boards & seal them with deck sealer... I still like that idea, but the cost is pretty high... I've been seeing hardwood & laminate flooring applied to walls, & am going to look at that option, before I start shelling out the dough for custom cedar boards... I think I've seen cedar closet lining that is tunge & groove & only like 3/8" thick rather than 3/4" like I was originally thinking ???

back to the hanging / displaying of the firearms... I'm still leaning towards the rubber coating of some type of "hooks" but I do like the idea of applying the hooks to longer boards, & only putting a few screws actually into my safe walls... my plan was to sort by caliber on the walls, with the guns on hooks displayed horizontally, starting with guns in 17 caliber, & moving up from there, with the appropriate ammo below & build an ammo storage area on the floor, at the base of the wall, that would basically be a long bench along the wall, that the ammo would store in, & would be organized by caliber for the guns above... I'd use treated 2 bys on the floor, so the ammo would be off the concrete floor an inch & a half ( most all of my ammo is currently in flip top plastic boxes, but I have tons of ammo cans, & a couple rifles that use the spam can ammo, so the ammo storage needs to be sized to work with all 3 types of storage boxes ( I've not gotten an exact measurement of what I want there yet )

still open for sugestions on wall covering, & display hooks, etc...

BTW... SGMS... I may decide to do the shotguns ( because of the longer barrel lengths... & maybe some of my long barrel single shots ) on the vertical racks, I like the idea of the casters, so I could easily move them around... though I love the look of the old rolling blocks & Martini's, I may still have to find the space to get them on the walls so I can look at them more
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