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The XDM 3.8 compact (bitone) cost $618 w/shipping on gun broker and $25 transfer but, I rounded it up to $700 so I could throw in and extra mag and X-tention and then night sights are @ $100 so totaled it will probably be @ 750-775 ish. I know its alot but, what the hell. It has everything I want a handgun to have with nothing I dont.

Ive owned plenty of 9mm, and 40s and 45s and I just like 45s best. Im not knocking the others its just my preference.

I realize the XDM is not tiny but, Ive owned a G30 before and I know its @ the same size. I never thought that it was too big to carry.

Can anyone explain whats wrong with the Nikon scope thats included with the savage rifle?

So far I think Im wanting a M&P15 sport and the Savage in 308. Are there any realistic things those two rifles cant do?
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