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Doj denied me

Hi I purchased a handgun last week at the gun shop
Told me the doj denied me so I called the doj
And was transferred to Yvonne who works
In the mental health in the doj. I left her a message and
Now I'm just waiting to hear back from her
The. First lady I talked to told me it was flagged as a psyc hold
From a behavioral health place.I volunterly check myself into. About 3 1/2 years ago
I was having the worst time of my life my best friend died
My marriage of 18 years was not going to well I was
Just needed to talk and get some help so I called my insurance
And they told me to go to this place so my wife
And I. Drive over there and fill out the paper work
After that I stayed there for almost 48 hours then I was
Allowed to leave on my own. The only people who knew
I went was my wife and 2 kids. But everything worked out
Great I'm very happily married for 22 years now and things
Could not be better. I just want to be clear that there were
No courts or judges involved I did this on my own free will.
I'm in California . Any ideas?? What should I tell Yvonne from the
Department of justice? What do I need to do to get my
Rights back? Is this for 5 years or forever? I really appreciate
All of your advice. I can and have spent hours and hours on this site
Your all a great group here and I thank you .
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