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Buying my first AR-15, have some questions

Hey everyone, this is my first post here but I'm sure I'll be a regular in no time. Anyway, I'm about to buy my first ar, but I live in NY so it must be AWB compliant. My question is, if I order a rock river arms entry tactical from, will it come to my FFL dealer already AWB compliant, or will the FFL dealer have to do it? If it will already come that way how long does it usually take to get a rifle this way? Also I have a question on a bushmaster. The local shops around me sell the bushmaster post ban carbines at a good price. My concern is that this particular rifle comes with a 14.5 inch barrel and a 1.5 inch brake. Ideally I would like a 16 inch barrel. So my question is, would the 1.5 inches of less barrel on the bushmaster hurt the accuracy of the rifle? I really would like a 16 inch barrel at the least and feel the 14.5 is just too short, but this rifle is the only AWB compliant rifle sold by me that I actually like. If anyone can shed some light on these two subjects that would be awesome. And sorry for making this post so long. Thanks everyone!
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