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Teaching my 12 year old son how to reload. He wanted me to take him shooting and I said when You can shoulder the rifle, I'll teach you to shoot. Started by taking the press apart and then putting back together. Then having him go through it setting and adjusting each station. I want him to understand whats happening inside the gun when he pulls the trigger. Going to load 150gr 30-30. He has cleaned and trimmed 500 cases giving us plenty of time to talk about shooting and safety, and the best part, just spending time together. Maybe next weekend we can get to the range so he can see the end result of his labor. This weekend is baseball.... again.... He almost has enough saved up to get a .22 and then he says he is going to save up for a .308 cause it has more bullet options than a 30-30 and why have 2. We'll see.
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