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Thanks Herman... very nice, and reasonably objective responses. BRO does make some lovely parts don't they.

I've not used an Adams Arms system in anything I've done as I'm a bit of a DGI purist, but their system appears to be well thought out and made.
As I see it, the biggest problem with any piston system is that there are no points of reference. No milspec to base a design on means that everyone tries out their ideas and hope they float.
Adams retro-fit design allows anyone to try a quality piston system on an existing gun without breaking the bank... and their complete uppers are reasonably priced.

The reason I started this was to see if anyone was trying new things, or just doing the same old stuff. Nothing wrong with the same old stuff, but man... it sure gets boring after awhile.
I realize that times are tight for a lot of folks and that spending $2000-$3000 or more building an AR is just not gona' happen... so in that sense, perhaps my inquiry is too restrictive.
I'll let it bump for awhile as it stands... and we'll see where it goes.

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