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I've owned Bersa Thunder .380's, a Beretta Cheeta 85, CZ 82/83's

And if I had to chose one.... The CZ 83 would be it hands down.
You get a extremly reliable and accurate pistol with decent capacity. These guns are police/military grade weapons. They are little tanks.

The Bersa had a great trigger and was accurate and reliable but "unrefined" and single stack mags make it easy to hide under a shirt but your not going to have much firepower. The Bersa is nothing special but a good pistol for not much money. Heck, everyone should own a Bersa they are fun to shoot and cheap enough for anyone's budget.

The Beretta was awsome. Super smooth trigger and very accurate. A pure joy to shoot. But a very stiff recoil spring and cut out slide made slide manipulations somewhat difficult compared to the other pistols. (and a few of the female friends that I shoot with found it nearly impossible to manipulate the slide)
Also it was more difficult to field strip than the other two pistols. I sold it to pay for another gun. Every so often I wish that I had kept it but then I just shoot my CZ 83 and the feeling is washed away.

Almost forgot.. The Makarov pistol can be found in .380 as well. Another great pistol.
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