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Enjoying a fine rimfire on Labor Day

I did some scope swapping yesterday and decided to go sight in at least a couple of the combos on Monday. The 452 UltraLux is the subject of this thread.

The BSA 36X44 Platinum has proven to be a surprisingly reliable glass. I mounted it on the CZ 452 UltraLux employing a set of Warne 7.3/.22 tip-off rings and zeroed it with SK Rifle Match for possible use as a USBR Sporter Class rifle.

From the 50 yard bench, the first shot was off the paper but some gross adjustments brought it in close. I was impressed by the box stock factory rifle's performance as I zeroed it. I have never even had this barreled action out of the stock. It has one of the better of the CZ factory trigger pulls I have encountered.

If the $60 BSA is to be faulted, it would be in the precision of its adjustments. So, I tend to creep up on a zero after I get close.

The first group was the 3+2 cluster below the top bull. I came up and over a little for the second group that appears below the bottom right bull and that was my tightest group of the day. It was too far right and still low. I took it back to the left a few clicks and up several more and fired the group in the orange on the top bull. I took it still more back to the left and fired a stabilizing round in the middle of the target between the two lower bulls and then decided to fire five shots at that bullet hole. Too much left now. I went back right three clicks up two and then fired the two shots on the center diamond of the left bottom bull. The third shot was off to the right and that's when I realized a left to right crossing wind had picked up. To verify the cause I fired the last two of that group while the wind was still blowing. Yep, it probably is the wind as they hovered around the third hit. In spite of the wind, I still felt that some leftward adjustment was needed and I gave it one click back left. The final group was the one in the center of the lower right bull. The left to right wind still surged off and on during that group. So, I will leave it at that in spite of the slight favor to the right.

These are one inch Birchwood Casey flame dots.

Oh, I promise that the objective is not touching the barrel. Hard to tell from this picture but there is about a nickel's width between the scope and the barrel.

I am really cherishing such outings lately as the North Alabama Shooting Association, Inc. is losing our Sheffield, Alabama range come February 24, 2013. We are searching for land and raising money to build a new range but it will be no easy task to come close to the set up we have enjoyed in Sheffield for the past 35 years.

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