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Finally, it was approved. I got a call this afternoon and already picked up and put nearly 200 rounds through it.

By the way, I cannot see why you gave them your Social Security Number, federal courts having told them several years ago, that their demands therefore were a violation of federal law.

It did state that the SSN was optional and the dealer explained it simply enough. If I provide it, it helps identify me quicker and more accurately. Having nothing to hide, I filled it in. I can see from your reaction, this is something I shouldn't have done? What are the downfalls of providing an SSN on an application form? This is only the 2nd time I've gone through the process (un-wantingly I might add) so it's all new to me. Aside from the state and local laws for PA with regard to firearm ownership and carry, I know those, but, I don't know enough to know what providing an SSN could be used for other then IDing me.

Anyway, I got the pistol, fired it and loved it's time for it's first cleaning.

Thanks for all the posts everyone, I'm glad for the advice and even more so that the problem got corrected.

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