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only thing unusual on my gun:

-Black Rain milled upper and lower receiver
-Adams Arms piston system
not sure those are that unusual, particularly, but they are not common either.

Q:Why did you want to try this item out? In other words, what was so sucky about the normal part that you decided this might be the way to go?
A: i have stock upper and lower sitting around as replacement parts. they are not bad, just boring.

Q:If the gun is done, how is the part or parts working out?
A:several hundred rounds including factory and handloads, all differnt bullet types with no failures to feed, eject, or fire

Q:How would you compare it to a more standard part... where applicable?
A:the billet parts are a little heavier, but they are so dang well made. they are like sculptures
the adams arms piston system is doing what its suppsoed to - receiver stays cool to the touch. can fire 100 rounds and take the bolt out and hold it in your hand. very clean - almost no time spent cleaning the BCG or receivers on this gun

Q:If the gun is done and you've had the chance to thoroughly test the part(s)... would you buy them again?
A: absolutely. thinking of getting a second Adams Arms piston system and Black Rain upper to build a 300 Blackout version
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