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There are several people here that do compete. I'm just not one of them.

I like using WST (Winchester Super Target) for .38 specials. It burns clean and is consistent in my powder measure. I've been using 158 grain jacketed hollow point bullets so what I'm loading probably won't do what you want. It is pretty accurate but I don't know if it would make it for competition. My eyes are just too old these days to even dream about bulls eye shooting. The best I could do this weekend was shoot a couple of 1" groups at 10 yards. Beyond that distance I have trouble seeing the target clear enough to place the sights in the proper place. I can still do well enough for combat center of mass shooting at 25 yards to know I will be able to hit silhouettes.

Maybe someone will be able to to help you with their pet load using the same bullet you prefer to use. Give it a bit of time for them to chime in.
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