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But .44 mag, that's too rich for my blood to practice with.
Related to that; are there any good 10mm carbines out there? Especially considering the handloading options, seems like that would a very capable platform, with a bit more reach than the more common 9/40/45 offerings. Since 10mm is often compared to 44 (well, 41mag, but close enough), it seems like it should be as capable as a big bore lever gun, while being mag-feedable.

I guess, since it couldn't be blowback, no one can afford to make one (if you don't count pistol stocks or AR uppers). Seems like a cool idea though; run anything from barn-burner Buffalo Bores to subsonic silencer rounds, with enough oomph to count in either case. Possibly a better use for the round than pistols...

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