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After following this heated debate, I'm with Hooligan. I'm not a fan of using an AR15 for deer hunting (even though some of ya'll do it), and that AK round is pretty much equal to a 123 grain 30/30 round. It'll do, but it won't do well for deer hunting. Just get a nice bolt action, and you have plenty to choose from, and get it in a good caliber (243 minimum). Then put good glass on it. If I was spending your money, I'd spend about $800 on the rifle and about the same on the scope. You can do it for less, say a Ruger American and a good Burris scope, and you're only in for $600 or a bit more.

Back when I did a lot of host hunting (corporate america had big leases) and took folks hunting, I could tell a lot about their hunting skills by looking at the rifles. When folks showed up with AR15's and AK's, I pushed them toward other jeeps and guides ("nope, my jeep is full up, so you go ride with Bob"). I was looking for the guys with old 25-06's with blueing gone and dents in the stocks and good glass. And, of course, pretty girls could ride in my jeep even if they didn't have a rifle. Life's too short to hunt with amateurs.
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