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I had the rare opportunity to work at the same place, with different management, at three different times over 30 years. The management "plan" was "A" in the first decade. When I returned in the second decade, it had become "B." When I returned for the final time in the third decade, I found myself in a management meeting where the original "A" was proposed, as if it were a new idea. Grizzled and well-seasoned by then, I realized it was change for the sake of change - young turks didn't get promoted unless they came up with "change."

That example is exaggerated relative to the real-life practicality of shooting stances. I matured on the Weaver stance and still use it. Tried isosceles and didn't like it. But how do you sell a book on Weaver today if it is the stance that has been in use for twenty years?

I don't play golf but I watched Bubba Watson use his home-brew style to win the Masters. Try all recommended shooting stances and settle on the one that is comfortable for you. The primary objective, particularly with the handgun shooting to which this post is addressed, is to have fun. For me, "fun" most definitely includes "comfortable." When you become very good at shooting in your fun stance, it will serve you well should you need it for more serious matters.
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