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Modified Weaver = Tendonitis in Shoulder?

So, I'm in my 30s. Went to the gym and did unassisted bar dips. Been a week or two since I had worked out, so I was a little rusty and pushed too hard; got pain in shoulder, but it wasn't horrible, stretched, and was OK.

Next day was steel target shooting day with pistols. So of course, excited, I loaded up mags full of .40 and went nuts as you can do fun stuff like draw from holster and rapid fire shoot there. I shot in modified weaver.

Since both of the above, got tendinitis in shoulder bad. Cortisone not good enough, doing physical therapy now.

I'm assuming the bar dips kicked off the tendinitis. But could a shooting binge of .40 in modified weaver aggravated the injury further?

Should I say forget it to modified weaver and adopt a difference stance that absorbs the recoil better? I'd noticed my accuracy improved in mod weaver...
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