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Ruger New Vaquero Grip Question

It looks like my Stainless New Vaquero came with Rosewood grips. They're nice, but not really my style.

I'd like to pick up a set of "stag-like" grips until I can afford some real Stag. (those are up there with having the thing engraved, someday).

My problem is, while I at first thought finding grips would be no problem, I keep finding grips that state "NOT guaranteed to fit stainless Vaquero's"

This bothers me, obviously.

Is the stainless vs. blued grip really that different? Honestly the fact that they could be just never occured to me when I bought it. I have not been able to find any stag-like grips listed as being for a Stainless New Vaquero...
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