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Originally posted by gggplaya: Then that leaves the only reason to own a pistol caliber carbine as mag and caliber commonality. Perhaps noise although all will be very loud. Recoil from a 9mm rifle would be very light, but a .223 ar15 isn't bad either.
Not quite true. One state comprises over 13% of the US population and that same state has some serious restrictions on what we can and can not own. AR's are a fixed 10 round proposition. Bullet button mag. releases aren't the quickest to reload with either. However, any legal semiautomatic pistol caliber carbine can be reloaded much quicker even if you are restricted to 10 round mag.s. In an urban / suburban location 200 yards is most likely a much longer shot than you should be taking. Even in a SHTF situation a pistol caliber carbine that is available to you with the ability to recharge quickly is not a serious handicap.

As far as hitting power is concerned, a 44 Mag. carbine is no slouch and only gives up longer range to any 223. You are more ammo limited but the power is there.

When it all boils down, you need to look at the totality of the situation. Some people can't use a handgun effectively. Some locations don't allow evil black rifles and have mag. capacity restrictions. Some people can't handle the kick of a 12 gauge. Some places don't require 500 yard shots. Etc. Etc.
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