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As you said, you already bought it . . . I hope she had a say in it?

There's only one way to find out . let her shoot it and see.

My wife went shooting with me for the first time last year 9we've been married 40 years). I started her out on my Ruger Super Bearcat which she loved. I then had her shoot my 357 New Vaquero with 38 spls in it. She did fine but wasn't thrilled with the recoil.

I have a LCR 357 that is my CCW. I've shot 357s out of it and it was fine but I'm more of a 38 spl. guy and that's what I carry in it.

If she does some practice at SD ranges and gets used to it, she'll be fine. I've always shot SA but I did do some practice shooting in DA with my S & W M & P . . . it didn't take me long to get accustomed to the trigger pull on the LCR and after a number of range visits, it's second nature. If she carries, she'll like the light weight of of it and it would go in a smaller purse even and not be evident. As stated already, if she's going to carry the LCR . . . at some point you might want to pick up the 22 version for her to practise with . . cheaper to shoot and a good way to improve on accuracy.

I really like mine and after trying several different handguns for carry, I settled on the LCR as for me, it works out great.
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