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The bigger is always better crowd will never agree the 22lr is anything more than a big BBgun...It`s silly to even suggest that...

The 22 lr ammo has been getting better and better with the new 22`s.... I shoot 22 bulk for practice and then choose to shoot more expensive bullets for around the house...I can put 6- 22lr bullets in a 4" circle at 7yds. in less than 3 seconds...

I get a kick out of person after person at the range with their 45`s not being able to hit a target once at 7 yds with a full magazine...and they are just the ones that taut 45 as being THE ammo..

Don`t get me wrong I have 45`s...9mm...223...shotguns and more but for the vast majority in this world the 22 is a effective round...for defence....I do believe the 20 gauge is the perfect home defence though...but don`t sell the 22lr short
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