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Ive noticed a couple of things getting lost in this thread.

Im not looking for so much a HD long gun (Im buying a pistol for that). I realize it may not be the best and it might change in the future but, it is going to be the first thing I grab if needed (besides a phone of course).

In case anyone was wondering when I said 'bad times" I was talking more hurricane, power outages, etc..I wasnt thinking zombies or any other such nonsense.

I also noticed that I stated it pretty confusing but, my over all budget is $2500. I just automatically took $500 out for ammo, and $700 for an XDM 45 compact (now that I think about it I might need $750 for night sights).

So what ever else I buy will mainly be for paper out to 100yds( learning how to hit what I want when I want being the objective) with anything left over going to more ammo.

I hope that clears somethings up.
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