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To rajbcpa,
Yes we did get some form of compensation but it was a fraction of what they were worth. The payment did not take into account the fact that it was a Performance Center 686 (which I can't remember the name of... Carry Comp rings a bell, but I can't be sure) and we were only paid out on "Their View" of the second hand price of a basic model.
I really hate Blair (Bliar as he is normally referred to) for using the knee jerk reaction of the electorate over the Dunblaine shooting tragedy as a way to get election votes to get him into power, shows just what type of a lowlife, despicable B*****D he really is.
He has gone on to prove this with his lies and actions over the intervening years and I (and lots of other people) believe he should stand trial as a War Criminal.
That man wants shooting with a high mass, low velocity bullet so it hurts for longer.
Sorry for the mini-rant but he is a ****, and a total one at that, it is his administration that has turned the UK from what it was into the cesspit of the word!!

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