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The company calling itself High Standard claims to be the same as the old Hamden, Connecticut, based High Standard that made excellent quality pistols back in the 1960s. I don't buy the claims -- I don't think there is anything there in the way of continuity other than taking over the name. Which, for me, puts them in the same category (as regards truth in advertising) as Springfield Armory and Henry Repeating Arms -- both companies trying to create the impression that they are the continuation of companies that never existed.

High Standard, of course, did exist -- but I don't think the current company is a continuation of the old company. The 1911s offered by the "new" High Standard are made in the Philippines by Armscor (Rock Island). The quality is equal to that of Rock Island, but you can get the same gun for less money buying the Rock Island brand, and get better customer support at the same time. A friend of mine did business with High Standard a few years ago and found their business ethics to be sadly lacking.
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