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High Standard is a company that's been around since the 30s and has gone through numerous owners... [Hi-Point has] a lifetime transferable warranty...
FWIW I have never personally dealt with the latest incarnation of High Standard, but I would assume that you won't get a comparable level of service for a "legacy" High Standard product that you would get for a new Hi-Point product (or S&W, Ruger, etc.)

Most major gunmakers, including Hi-Point, will service recently-manufactured and new-purchased products for free, and they'll often pay for shipping; the latter is potentially a Big Deal because it's more difficult and expensive to legally ship a handgun than you might assume if you haven't tried it. Although High Standard advertises that they will service legacy products from older incarnations of the company- which is unusual as gunmakers go- I can't imagine that they do it for free... or even for cheap. YMMV.*

*If anyone has recently tried to get factory service for an older High Standard and wants to share their story, feel free to enlighten me.
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