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I followed your link, and clicked on the specs tab numbers .... but even taking your word for it that loaded with 1/2 a pound of ammo, and with sights installed, it's less than 7.25 pounds..... the OP had a $1300 budget for fun, glass and ammo ....... $3495 without sights of any kind, let alone glass and mounts, not to mention ammo, kinda blows that all to hell- You might as well recommend a phased pulse rifle in the 40 Gigawatt range ..... that'd nearly be as available to the OP as your carbon fiber and titanium sci-fi gun .....

L_K- We get it, you don't like the scout scope concept, or the GSR ..... others do..... don't buy it.

I like the flash hider, as it protects the crown (and threads for a can when I get one.....)

If you can't learn to cycle a bolt gun efficiently ..... that's your issue, I guess ..... there's plenty of material available out there on how to do so.

As for

will it do in a fire fight?
nobody without a Quartermaster Dept. can afford to get into a suppressive fire type of firefight---- certainly not more than once. You'll shoot yourself defenseless in short order. To that end, making your shots count is a MUST. Bolt guns are conducive to that.
TheGolden Rule of Tool Use: "If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T."
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