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You just made my point for me. Maybe faster reloads are important, maybe they aren't, but when it comes down to it if faster reloads are needed than so are faster follow up shots. Thus a HD/SD bolt action rifle with faster reloads is like putting lipstick on a pig. Let alone when we get into crap like the flash hider, scout scopes, etc.

If you have $1300 you don't settle for one gun let alone and over priced compromise.

Not many, if any guns, strike a good balance or compromise. It's just a fact. Until someone comes up with a PC looking, high cap, super accurate, durable, 7lbs semi auto rifle a good gun for lugging around the mountains after goats isn't gonna make a very good SD/HD rifle. Likewise, a FAL, AR , AK, M14 etc isn't gonna make a very good goat gun either. Yes, the GSR will go to the mountains and get the job done but how well, when compared to the competition, will it do in a fire fight? No amount of bells and whistles can turn a bolt action into a comparable fighting gun. So if you want a hunting bolt action rifle with some bells and whistles that gives it a very very very slight edge for SD/HD it may be the gun for you. But if someone is thinkin it's even a poor replacement for a battle or so called assault rifle their gonna be sadly mistaken.

Having your cake and eating it too is a rare thing in life. If you think you have it you'd better be lining up a shrink cause life gonna toss you on your head someday.
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