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First handgun purchase in florida - Conditional

Hey guys - I ordered a handgun from Grabagun - and it came into my local FFL on Saturday. I was kind of worried about the background check since Ive got something in my past that isnt awesome - but no violent crimes, theft, or domestic violence or anything. I received a 'conditional'. I had no idea what that meant, but he said it could just be that they are really busy.

As for my 'past' I got a DUI about 10 years ago - which was completely my fault - I completed everything and got it taken care of immediately. I got arrested for a felony (non-violent) that eventually the prosecution dropped the case because of lack of evidence about 8 years ago. Basically a neighbor chick who I would kind of 'see' occasionally assaulted me with a baseball bat at a party, and actually hit me a couple of times. I ran to my apartment where my phone was and called the police and told them that my crazy drunk neighbor attacked me - and I had witnesses to the whole ordeal. I went down to greet the cops and they arrested me. I guess she called the cops too, when she realized I was going to call them. She told them that I 'touched her kid inappropriately' which was a complete lie.. I even had 10 witnesses that said I never left the party, and this kid in question wasn't anywhere near me all night. I guess all it takes is a hot chick crying, and a story about a kid. Afterwords a 'repeat violence' restraining order was put against me, so I couldn't even go back to my apartment because it was within 100 yards or something. Anyway, that got thrown out because the kid wouldn't lie for his mom. I checked my records long before buying the gun - and that Felony is stated to be nolo prosequi - but I cant get it expunged because of the DUI conviction a couple years before it. It turns out that chick had done the same thing to 2 other guys, and was evicted from many apartments for being psycho. Anyway, I have been in zero trouble other than a single traffic ticket in the last 8 years, am married now, and have a child of my own.

Does anyone think that arrest will prevent me from getting my handgun? *also* I did not put my SSN in the form - and my name is pretty common, and I know there are some criminals with my name but dont match my description.. I didnt realize that would be an issue too.

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