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I am using a Dillon 550b press. You can easily excede the number of rounds produced per hour on one compared to the Lee turrets. Going slow will produce around 250 rounds per hour and going up to 350 rounds per hour is pretty easy to do once you get the feel for the machine. I believe it is rated some place near 500 rounds per hour. I'm loading .38 special/.357 mag, 9 mm and .45 with mine. The conversions and dies are a bit expensive but they work very well. I don't care much for the Square Deal press from Dillon. It uses steel dies and not carbide. They are unique to the machine as well. For a little more money you get a much better press. Your Lee dies will work in the 550 and 650 Dillon presses. The Dillon 550b also will allow you to load several rifle calibers. Loading slower you probably will find the Lee Classic Turret press works. I tend to go through a fair amount of ammo each week so the Dillon does work out better for me.

The S&W 686 is a fine weapon and I have been thinking about getting one in the future. I like my Dan Wesson and have do desire to get rid of it.

Sig along with other companies make good .45 cal auto pistols. They should serve you well. In 9 mm I like CZ, Tangfolio (CZ clone), Sig, Beretta and a few other pistols. Depending on what is available and what you prefer in your hand they should do well. I have never warmed up to the Sigma because the trigger is not very good out of the box. I tend to stay away from sub compact pistols since they normally don't feel that good for range use.

If you like shooting double action with revolvers you might consider the Sig P250. The prices here are good and you can get kits to switch calibers. That way you could get 9 mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W and .45 acp all with the same trigger just by adding kits. If you only like shooting single action, I don't think you will care much for the P250. It takes practice to be able to shoot double action well. Many Single Action Only (SAO) people I have met hated my P250s. People accustomed to DA triggers seemed to like them.

I also suggest looking into the used market for pistols until you find what you really want. Normally you won't be loosing much if any money on a used pistol you shoot for a little while and want to sell or trade it for something else.
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