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Tell us one thing a GSR can do better except for faster reloads (a non issue with a bolt action) than something like a Remington M7 or a Hawkeye Compact?
How is faster reloads a non-issue with a bolt action? Were you to use it for something like 3-Gun Heavy Metal, it would matter. Besides that, the OP stated:

So that leaves me with @ $1300 for a long gun for bad times/learning/hunting.
I would think that "bad times" infers fighting, in which case rapid reloads would be a good thing....

Remember- if you only have one gun..... not an AR-15 for this, an AK for that, a bolt gun in 30-06 for something else, an AR-10 for the other thing..... The OP has 1300 bucks for gun, glass and ammo. Entirely possible with the Ruger. Maybe with enough left over to buy a reloading kit.

Aside from more rapid reloads, the Ruger scout comes with iron sights out of the box, which new production Model 7's and Ruger compacts do not..... the Compact Magnum does have irons, but the sight radius is shorter, and the sights are not as robust ....
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