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Excellent, and to the point reply creeper! Of course you know as well as I the Hi-Pointaphobes can't be far behind!

To the OP, What is your budget for a gun, and your intended purpose. As mentioned the H-Point, while certainly servicable is a very low price alternative in the $150-$200 range for a brand new, in the box model with a no questions asked lifetime guarantee. The High Standard is in the mid price range being around $500. I can't say I've had any experience with the newest incarnation of High Standard, but they seem to be OK, and a reasonable pistol in that price range. The Hi-Points are fixed barrel handguns, somewhat heavy for caliber. a bit cumbersome, a trigger that is far from crisp, and are to most just plain ugly. They use a zinc,aluminum magnesium alloy for the slide, and have a polymer frame. But my experience is they do shoot well, are accurate, and reliable.
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