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Why "HK Style" AR Front Sights Dont Work

This Is Why Hooded, AKA HK Style front sights don't work. This Only applies to hooded front sights with elevation adjustment, such as the troy hooded buis.

With the hooded style of sight you tend to want to align the circles instead of centering the post in the rear peep sight. Some people say that it doesn't Matter that the front sight isn't centered in the rear sight, it does matter. The attached image will show why.

In the image you will see the two lines. The line that starts in the center of the rear sight and touches the top of the front sight post is where your POA (point of aim) should be, But because your brain naturally wants to align the circles. The actual POA is a relatively straight line forward from the front sight post because you aren't actually aligning the front sight post with the rear aperture. What most people are really doing is aligning the circles and putting the front sight post on the target.

I hope i have done a good job explaining this. I have seen some people try, they just didn't include the reasons why it happens. Yes i know it isn't the best drawing, but i don't have a camera so i had to use an old image.

If you have any questions, or if i didn't explain it as well as i hope please post below and i will answer them or improve my explanation.

The Dot in the rear circle is the center.
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