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High Standard is a company that's been around since the 30s and has gone through numerous owners... they are currently based in Texas and all their products, from originally styled .22 target pistols, to 1911s to ARs are made in the US. I have some experience with their 1911 models, and personally consider them to be of good quality and on par with any of their competitors mid-priced firearms.

Hi Point is also a US company who's claim to fame are relatively simple firearms that, although not considered very attractive or cutting edge, are extremely reasonably priced and typically fairly reliable. I know... damning with faint praise and all that, but if I had a restricted budget and needed a gun, a Hi Point would be on my list.
They have a lifetime transferable warranty... and a motto of: "Value means offering the most gun for the dollar, and Hi-Point proudly delivers".

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