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Why the 110 and not the 10? Or is one of the things you need done is have a huge fireball of wasted/unburned powder?
You keep insisting on using the word caliber when what you really mean is cartridge . Then you insinuate that action length has anything to do with cartridge selection. Why a 110? Because it's what I had already. My 110 predates production of the 10. Already in .22-250, a short action cartridge. Converted it to .243, another short action cartridge. I could of just as easily converted it to a .308. Guess what? Another short action cartridge. For the record many many many 110's were chambered in short action cartridges since the only thing Savage made for years was, guess what, the long action 110. Anyway, the difference between a 10 and a 110 has absolutely nothing to do with cartridge efficiency, fireballs or how much unburned powder remains. Chamber, barrels, all the same.

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