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I picked up my O/U from Cabelas Gun Library 2-3 months ago, below 1000 before sales tax, probably after too, but I'm not certain of that. It was older, 1993ish according to the serial number. I looked it up, but don't remember exactly. At a certain age, Browning switched from Invector to Invector plus, and i have to buy the older Invector... And Mine's a 12 guage. Dumb question here but why not look for a 12 guage? By far the easiest to find. They actually had two 12 guage Citrori's for me to choose from in that price range, and I lucked into picking the "right" one.

Just checking a few gun libraries now, a 20 guage for 1100, a couple 12's for 850-1000... Just found an older brother to mine from 75 in Dundee MI for 969. They're spread all over, MN, PA, NE, and so on... but Cabelas will transfer internally for you, if you have one local.

Finally if you go Browning (I'm a browning guy, and can't comment on Benelli) Test some of them out. Browning can give you silver or black. I got black, and mounted a silver one on a road trip recently... the silver was very distracting, so go out and mount some too.
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