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i know of three more cases where newer FXII and VXII scopes could not be zeroed or would not hold zero. Its much more than a lemon problem with the newer Leupold scopes that have friction adjustments.
The VX-II scopes were dropped several years ago and replaced with VX-2's. In fact Leupold entire lineup was upgraded starting in January of this year. Even the newer VX-1's are click adjustable now. I don't know about the Ultimate slam scopes, and I have NEVER heard of anyone having an issue with any of the FX line of scopes.

I have 2 new 2012 production Leupolds. A VX-1 in 1-4X20 and a VX-2 in a 3-9X40 with LR reticle. The newly upgraded VX-2 is the sharpest clearest scope in my safe. It beats out my 4 year old VX-3 and two Zeiss scopes I own. Not bad for a $330 scope.
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