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I have had 2 pro 1000 and gave them away for a dillon 550. It is a fantastic problem free machine. The reason I had 2 pro 1000 is they were relatively inexpensive (119 at the time) and I wanted to load a bunch of calibers. The dillon does this well, it is easy to change between calibers and primer sizes. A caliber change that doesn't require a primer size change (small to large or vice versa) takes no more then 2 min. With the primer change you can add another 5-7 min. It is very easy. The machine produces high volume, high quality ammo. they have great customer service and a great warranty. Nothing on my loading bench I have been more pleased with then my dillon, its 25 years old and has yet to have a part replaced. Runs so good, I neglect it. :-)
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