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I guess you missed the "major" before caliber .... and I would not rely on either of those to take down an elk out to 300, either.
No, I didn't miss the "major". You said "caliber" and for all practical purposes the 7.62 x 39 and the .308 are the same "caliber".

but you can't argue that Ruger's GSR comes pretty close to meeting Cooper's requirements,
You're right on that one. But..............

or that if you had to have one gun to do it all in the lower 48, that would be the closest to it, in a production rifle.
I can argue this all day long. A scout rifle is so far down my list of "the one" guns to not even register. I built my "one rifle", a 18.5" Savage 110, and it will do anything I need a rifle to do better than the scout. Weighs less, looks better, handier, etc etc. Heck, even a pig like the AR10 is a better all around gun. So much better that we can almost forgive it's weight.

Tell us one thing a GSR can do better except for faster reloads (a non issue with a bolt action) than something like a Remington M7 or a Hawkeye Compact?

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