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@Scorch... yes sorry... 7.62, and 32mm.

"Technical advice"... Duno, because these are very simple scopes no parallax adjustments almost infinite relief. Yes I focused them. We're talking about a double image, both of which were quite sharp images... not an out-of-focus or blurred image. I have other scopes that never displayed that kind need for messin'.

Yes, I've heard that their customer service is second-to-none and I don't doubt that because I suspect they are a very experienced and well used customer service department.

They would have said... "Send them to us and we'll take a look and fix etc". To be honest had I wanted to go mailing and shipping, I would have ordered online... Going to Cabela's is a long drive but a treat for me.

Not an expensive scope I know, but more than I'm happy to pay generally. I should not have to get technical advice to mount a scope having done it right for years and years. Had they published "You may notice a double sight picture in the scope, in which case do A. B. and C." But they didn't. Respectfully, those scopes were actually faulty, confirmed by the guys at the range who sight-in rifles as a paid service.

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