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I might like the idea of the AK if the 308 AR didnt exist. I mean if I was to buy one it would be an Arsenal for what @ $900-$1000 (havent priced in awhile).
Well for @ $100 more I could get a dpms 308 (ar10). Im not knocking the 7.62x39 round but, is there anything it does better than the 308?

As for the Ruger Gunsite, I was just thinking back when I had my Benelli Supernova (GRS and comfortech stock) but thinking I wanted more range than a shotgun. Then started thinking add a bolt gun to reach out if needed. Then I saw the RGS and kinda thought best of both worlds in one gun but, after adding it up. I decided it would be more cost effective to buy the two guns which puts me in the AR range.

Now, Im down to thinking either 308 or 5.56 AR is going to be it.
So I pretty much have to figure out if I want more range or more time shooting.
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