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In theory so will a .410 single shot but you won't catch me dead with that as my primary. Getting things done and getting them done well are 2 different things.
Now you are being ridiculous- a .410 won't kill a 1,000 pound animal out to 300 meters.....

Mini-30, SKS, to name a couple.
I guess you missed the "major" before caliber .... and I would not rely on either of those to take down an elk out to 300, either.

Tell you what I'll do, I'll show a whole bunch of carbine length bolt action rifles for less money and even less weight since you're willin to sacrifice weight for quick follow up shots.
Quick follow up shots- that's up to the user. None that you can show me will be able to be quicklly reloaded.

If you don't like the concept, fine ..... but you can't argue that Ruger's GSR comes pretty close to meeting Cooper's requirements, or that if you had to have one gun to do it all in the lower 48, that would be the closest to it, in a production rifle.

Calling the Scout concept names does not change anything..... they work.
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