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Whats' a Leupold FX ? never heard of 'em....

Fixed power; i have seven Leupold scopes that have all given good service. It appears that Leupold changed the innards of FXII and VXII scopes. i know of three more cases where newer FXII and VXII scopes could not be zeroed or would not hold zero. Its much more than a lemon problem with the newer Leupold scopes that have friction adjustments.

Leupold has super Customer service, and both you thallub and the op should have contacted them for some technical guidance...
i install dozens of scopes every year for other folks. i did not need customer assistance, i wanted Leupold to give me a new scope and they did. That scope was defective also. The second time Leupold customer assistance refused to fix their product. i took it back for a refund.

After the problems with those two Leupold scopes and the lack of co-operation from Leupold i will never again buy a Leupold product.

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