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Coopers Scout concept will do for anything that someone without a Government sponsored supply chain needs done.
In theory so will a .410 single shot but you won't catch me dead with that as my primary. Getting things done and getting them done well are 2 different things.

Show me a semi-auto in a major caliber that is at once fast handling and less than 9 pounds loaded.

While the Ruger version is overly heavy- the synthetic stock certainly could be made lighter-
Mini-30, SKS, to name a couple. Hey, you did say caliber. But tell you what I'll do, I'll show a whole bunch of carbine length bolt action rifles for less money and even less weight since you're willin to sacrifice weight for quick follow up shots.

it pretty well fits Cooper's requirements.
Cooper requirements were lame and outdated from the word go. He might of been the greatest rifle guru ever to set foot on this earth but the Scouts a ****. Don't worry, I'll forgive him. Betting even John Moses himself had a **** or 2 in his life. Just the internet wasn't around to claim those turds were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But to sum things up if you really think you need anything even remotely defence oriented you need something better than a bolt action (personally, I don't want or need any rifle remotely defence oriented, another reason to dislike the Scout). If you need a lightweight field gun than you don't need box magazines, scout scopes, flash hiders and a heftier price tag.

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