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For the past couple of months I've been able to shoot at least a couple weekends each month. A few weeks ago I felt like I'd never picked up my pistol and after about 60 rounds called it a day. No use training if it isn't working.

Took my daughter on Sunday(dragging feet and pouting) and shot a few mags. Patterns were very good and everything felt right. She stayed in the truck until I went to get her then shot another 70 or so rounds while she was hanging out at the line. Explained what the cease fire lights and message on the loudspeaker was for, showed her the target distances, and then grabbed my targets and showed her what my shot patterns looked like from when I first started shooting and now. At 25 yds now I'm hitting a tighter pattern than when I first began shooting at 5 or 7 yards.

Later at home I thanked her for coming with me and she said, "Your welcome". Then asked if she wanted to come up again and she said kind of shyly, "maybe", which for her means YES.

So I got in a little shooting and taught my daughter a little bit about the range. Next up will be some training for her with my old .22 rifle.
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