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Potential Abuse of Virginia Permits

So, I read the attached article which basically details how people are obtaining Virginia no-resident permits via an on-line training source. So, initially this sounds good since it allows people to obtain permits for use in Virginia or that might be accepted by other states when they travel.

However, the potential issue is that some people are obtaining permits for use in their home state since the requirements are easier. For instance some Texas residents are obtaining Virginia permits with the intention of using it to carry in Texas since they have a reciprocal agreement.

Personally I don’t think we should have to obtain a permit/license to exercise our rights, but even so this whole thing seems a little fuzzy. For instance people basically receive no training related to their actual state laws. Even in Georgia where no training is required my local Probate Court gave me a copy of the applicable laws.

So, what do y’all think?
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