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It is a compromise, yes, and by design: Anything "cabable of doing a great many things well" must be a compromise.
Back at ya brother

In your quote ya had to go on and add the word "well" at the end didn't ya. It doesn't do a great many things "well". As a matter of fact is doesn't do much more if anything better or even as good as a basic bolt action rifle. Yes, the short barrel is a plus, I love carbines, but it's far from a new concept for shortish barreled bolt action rifles have been around since long before the over priced scouts came out. The Gunsite Scout rifle makes no more sense than the tactical leverguns mossberg is putting out today. Maybe even less sense. Yes, those are the same leverguns getting trashed by about everyone who has ever shot a gun. Yet, Cooper comes out with the scout concept and is declared a genius. Bunch of hogwash. Heck even the Scout rifle is not much more than a modern knock off of the Enfield Jungle Carbine. Far from original buy 30 or 40 years. Fact is that if you want/need a rifle even the slightest bit tactical or defence oriented than a semi is the only way to go. On a compromise gun semi autos make much more serviceable field guns than any bolt action in a defence situation.
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