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My wife didn't like the LCR .38 at all.

Light weight = more recoil.

Small, light guns in service calibers have their applications, but a blanket recommendation for one as a perfect gun for a woman is a bit much.

By the way, my wife is a farmgirl and former pro horse trainer. She's not small, and she doesn't have weak hands, after decades of doing farm and horse maintenance chores.

Again, check out to learn some of the factors that should go into choosing a gun; take the potential gun owner someplace where she can try on several different types; and spring for a lesson with a pro. Recommending any one gun is kind of silly, honestly; if anything, I'd say do some research in different categories of handguns, to figure out reliability ratings so you can eliminate some and highlight others, but it's counter-productive to say "THIS IS THE GUN!!"
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