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Here are the regs for the special permit:

From the last day of February to July 1, upon notification to SCDNR
at least 48 hours in advance, hogs may be hunted at night with artificial
lights and night vision devices using any legal firearm, bow, or crossbow.
Notice to SCDNR is required once per season for each property and
the names and hunting license numbers of each person participating in
the hunt must be listed. Hunters using centerfire rifles during this time
must be at an elevated position at least 10 feet from the ground. Persons
convicted of certain road hunting and night hunting violations during
the previous five years are ineligible to hunt hogs at night.The required
notification system will be in place by February 2013 at www.dnr.


I was off on the lead time. But this is when they are going to allow night hunting for hog. That is a simple process, but it will not start until next year. As of right now night hunting with any center fire rifle is not allowed.
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