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Need recommendations for books or resources

I'm new to shooting, and feel embarrassed asking this, but could any of you recommend some good books or resources that contain a lot of information about the basics of firearms? I'm familiar with the firearm I'm currently shooting, but would love to learn more about different calibers, ammunition, skills, etc. I have a subscription to Guns & Ammo and I read through it not comprehending the vast majority of info.

I know everyone has to start somewhere, but it's difficult for me because the one person I knew who was very knowledgeable passed away suddenly last week so I can't talk to him anymore. I don't have any family members or friends nearby who shoot. The amount of info out there is overwhelming right now. So... if you know of any "Dummies" books or other books that are laid out in a way that a newbie could understand and learn from, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
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