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"That safety should work exactly like any other Mauser 98 safety, except reversed. It should have the normal three positions (on safe, takedown, and off safe). I see no reason why a standard bolt sleeve and safety cannot be substituted, in fact I think that the one in there was swapped from a Model 1935 rifle"

There was only one Mauser type rifle built with a reversed (right hand) safety).

"The only thing is that when swapping Mauser sleeves and safeties, make sure the replacement fits properly, cams the cocking piece back properly, and that there is sear reset. (To check the latter, make sure the gun is not loaded. Then cock the gun, put the safety on, pull the trigger, then release the safety. If the firing pin falls, the sear is not resetting and you need to replace parts until it does.)"

The only way to get the safety into that configuration is set the safety first as when installing the bolt, set the safety in the 12 O’clock position then install the bolt. That is the only way the safety can be behind the trigger, that is unless your Mauser bolts are different from my Mauser bolts.

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