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Advise on the gun for the next deer hunt.

I am going to some extended family private land here in Idaho to take a mule deer. The hunt will be during the close range hunt so I can use a Handgun (has to be chambered in a straight wall none rifle caliber, so no 30-06 contenders) or Black powder or archery.

The law allows a shotgun but the land owner does not (I would love to use my 870 slug gun but the land owner has a problem with shotguns... Its a long story I would rather not get in to)

I have a black powder rifle but to be honest I am not that good with it but I could practice. I have a cross bow that is 100% legal during this season and I have several hand guns unfortunately most are 9mms... I do have a 357 colt with a 6 inch barrel that I am considering using.

I still have about a month so I have some time to practice.
Always looking for a good hunt!
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